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Shopping Malls in Portugal

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46 shopping malls in Portugal

Shopping Malls in Aveiro
Forum Aveiro
The Forum is a large, open shopping center that is located in the heart of the Ria de Aveiro and near the Hotel Meliá. The ground floor and first floor have the following stores: jewelry, accessories, sports shop, games, optician, music and books, cosmetics and perfumes, shoe stores, clothing stores like Mango, Zara, etc.. On the first floor there are restaurants such as Mcdonalds, Pizza hut, Aki ai soups, Rio Brasa, etc. It is a very ornate place, especially at Christmas, as you can see in the photos. In short, it is a good place to spend the day shopping, enjoying a coffee, or eating at one of the restaurants.
Shopping Malls in Lisbon
Centro Colombo
Colombo is the biggest mall I have ever been to. Pay attention because I always amost get lost in the parking! Parking is expensive :) It is the truth, but inside you have everything you need, want to buy, fnac, you do, zara, you do, disney store ... Everything absolutely everything. If what you need is to eat, go ahead, you have American style food like KFC, Italians, even Japanese food! Truly amazing. You could go a couple of hours, just out of curiosity. It even has has a roller coaster (very small of course) but I had never seen anything like it ... Incredible.
Shopping Malls in Lisbon
Vasco da Gama Shopping Center
I really liked this mall which is also the entrance to the Park of Nations. We went underground and then got off at the East station which incidentally was designed by Santiago Calatrava arquiecto for Expo 98 in Lisbon and in front is the mall. A curious thing about this shopping center is that the roof is transparent and it runs through a sheet of water. If you go to the restaurant terrace, you will see beautiful views of the park.
Shopping Malls in Viana do Castelo Municipality
Estação Viana Shopping
This is a fantastic, fully modern, and wheelchair accessible shopping centre. There are well-known shops and also independent fragrance and charming accessory shops among others, there is a small cinema with all the usual things you would expect. The top floor is the food court and it is lovely from homecooked traditional Portuguese meals to branded restaurant like McDonalds and Pizza Hut, a pasta bar, a soup shop and a lovely steak house all at amazingly cheap prices. It's only a 5 minute walk away from the lovely beaches and cobbled streets of the wonderful city.
Shopping Malls in Viseu
Palacio do Gelo
There are people who mistakenly believe that Viseu is only a heritage site They must have forgotten the Palacio do Gelo complex, which opened to the public in 2007. It is a large pioneer shopping center with complimentary elements that are combine in one space: sports, health, entertainment, commerce and services. This great shopping centre of five floors, which has a large pond with a stream of water that reaches the top floor, has a mall, 7 cinemas and areas for rest, fun and leisure. It has a huge Jumbo hypermarket on the ground floor, and a skating rink (on the top floor), gyms, bowling alley, 4 swimming pools (one is nearly Olympic-sized) and a spa. To give you its size it occupies a total area of 175,000 m2, the ice rink is over 20,000 m2, the hypermarket over 11,500 m2 and the shopping areas are over 40,000 m2. There are 157 stores and of course there's great parking, all at the entrance to the city. IMHO for shopping centres I think no-one can beat the Portuguese. Their malls are huge, and they have everything, not only in this case but in general because I know several of them.
Shopping Malls in Porto
Via Catarina Shopping Centre
It's very beautiful and a great place to go shopping .
Shopping Malls in Faro
Forum Algarve Shopping Mall
After leaving our hotel and after spending all day in Faro, we stopped at this huge mall near the international airport. With an area of ​​45,000 m2 and designed by Broadway Malyan is the very best I've found so far in Europe in terms of architecture and variety of options for shopping. With a semi-openair section, another which is covered and an impressive car-park you can anything from a large commercial area like Jumbo to secluded Zara stores, C & A etc. Cortefiel. And more over if it's Christmas time you can see the great tree of lights they put on their outdoor esplanade. I'm not a lover of shopping but I loved this centre.
Shopping Malls in Porto
Porto Gran Plaza Shopping Center
This is a modern shopping and entertainment center of recent construction (November 2007), located within the popular Market of Bolhao. It is huge, with five floors and over 75 commercial establishments with clothes, accessories, electronics, shoe stores, bookstores, perfumeries, food, furniture and decoration. They present some of the major franchises that are used in Spain and Trucco, Triumph, Intimissimi, Media Markt, Nokia ... One floor of this mall is dedicated to Virgin Active, which is a well known health club in Portugal, which has a gym, sauna and swimming pools. There are also various entertainment centers and dining establishments. It has a huge underground parking for up to 420 cars, and since no direct access to the subway station Bolhao.
Shopping Malls in Porto
Shopping Cidade Do Porto
This commercial center is located in Oporto City just off Boavista Rotunda, right next to hotels like the Phoenix or the Fenix ​​Porto Porto. It has 4 very distinct levels and among its facilities are shops such as Springfield, Cortefiel, Zara, Bijou Brigitte, Calzedonia, Intimissimi, Punto Roma, Trucco, Trumph, etc. There are also coffee shops such as Café Veracruz, Mundo do café, Segafredo, Superxpresso, etc and restaurant like Mc Donalds, Pizza Hut, Light Food, Food and Volta, Casa D'Avo Maria, etc. and finally supermarket like Froiz, etc with leisure activities and four theaters, one ice rink, bowling, etc ...
Shopping Malls in Guimarães
Centro Comercial São Francisco
This huge mall is located in the heart of the city, occupying an entire block and has two entrances: both on the Alameda S. Damaso and on the Long Republic of Brazil. It looks fairly new and has two storeys. You can find all kinds of shops and stores there for everything that you are looking for: Clothing, shoes, accessories, electronics, telephones, toys and florists. On the ground floor, there is a food hypermarket called Froiz and underground parking.
Shopping Malls in Chaves
Almacenes Europa
On entering Chaves on the Verinside, on the same road, is the pioneer warehouse of the big shopping centers in Chaves. Years ago, hundreds of people had to travel far to buy clothes, especially towels, decorative items and kitchenware, at prices that were not found in Spain. Today, trade has evolved considerably and prices have leveled enough, but even so, there are still many people who have to make the trip to the neighboring country. This is a dramatic and extremely large exhibition, with more than 15000 items. You can find almost anything: Linen, clothing, furniture, ceramics, decoration, local products, souvenirs, gifts , carpets, bicycles ......... And a long list of things, perfectly placed, it's almost impossible to not find what you're looking for.
Shopping Malls in Chaves
Charlot Shopping Center
This shopping center is on the street that goes under Forte Sao Francisco to the Roman Bridge. It is a small center with two levels, practically no shops, but rather offices. It has an old appearance, and quite old fashioned decor, it was tacky for my taste, with brass railings and many mirrors ... I think it was one of the first in the city, and for what is was, the stores were becoming obsolete and being replaced by offices and offices (there are consultancys, a notary ...). Interestingly, there's even a doorman. Hours:-Monday to Saturday: 8.30-20.30h-Friday: 12-20h
Shopping Malls in Faro
Atrium Faro Shopping Centre
The Atrium Mall in Faro is in one of the most central pedestrian streets of the city. It is on three floors, with space for 30 shops, although as it has just recently opened, most spaces have not been filled yet. On the upper floors there is a cinema (currently with 3 working screens) and room for several restaurants.
Shopping Malls in Braga
Alameda Shopping
One of the things that struck me in Braga is that businesses used to coalesce forming small malls in the ground floors of buildings, such as shopping malls, in the central pedestrian area. The center connected with the back street, and had three levels. However, a part from a huge perfume shop called "Must", the other premises were empty, and had the sign "for rent" in the window.
Shopping Malls in Coimbra
Dolce Vita Coimbra
The Centro Comercial Dolce Vita in Italy is in the former Portuguese capital of Coimbra, next to the stadium and is in a striking contemporary design filled with lots of light and color. This big, contemporary shopping center has 4 floors and on the ground floor is the hypermarket "Jumbo", the rest of the floor is full of boutiques, popular brands like Zara and Inditex, jewelry, shoes, sports, and a selection of stores that would be hard to number. On the top floor there is catering and a parking lot. As the holidays were approaching, the mall was fully decorated with its corresponding tree and other Christmas decorations. The photos come out a little dark inside, but it also is not allowed to take pictures.
Shopping Malls in Viana do Castelo Municipality
May First Shopping Center
This shopping mall is located a bit far from the historic old town (about a ten or fifteen minute walk), near the Municipal Theatre Sá de Miranda. This is a fairly large and elongated building, with three floors. However, inside the premises were practically unoccupied, and the few that were occupied were mostly offices. Of course, for shops and shopping, you've always got the Viana Shopping, next to the train station. It's a blast, but I would not call this a "mall".
Shopping Malls in Braga
Granjinhos Mall
This shopping center is in the parish of São José de São Lázaro, at the start of the Avenida da Liberdade, in the center of Braga. It is a fairly new 3 floor building, from clothes shops or home decoration, to a laundry, a bank or a gym. There are also several outdoor cafes, and in the basement a hypermarket "Pingo Doce", the largest Portuguese supermarket chain with a fast food restaurant and takeaway. This shopping center is called "Loja do Cidadão".
Shopping Malls in Guarda
Vivaci Guarda Shopping Center
Normally, this type of shopping mall is located just outside the city, but this one is instead located in the center of Guarda. It belongs to the Vivaci chain, which has another four in Portugal. It is a modern building, opened in late 2008, which accommodates 90 appliance, decoration, toys, fashion, shoes, accessories, perfumes, and optical stores... As usual, the top floor is dedicated to leisure, and features a cinema, cafes, and several dining options.
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